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Treatment Costs


Dysport/Botox Injections

Botox $13/unit

Dysport $12/unit*


(10 unit minimum or

$120-130 minimum spend per appointment)

*A Dysport "unit" will be 3x the amount of a unit of Botox, so it comes out to $12/unit. (Dysport is $4/unit)

Dermal Filler


Pricing based per area

Cheek Enhancement $700+

add some contour and slim the face

Lip Enhancement $700

baby plump to sexy pout

Chin Enhancement $700+

support and balance the lower face

Facial Balancing

2+ syringes: pricing varies

Must text to book


Sculptra $850+

restore lost collagen gradually 

results last 2+ years

1 vial per decade of life typically needed

packages available

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment $80

extract and inject

Acne Injections $50

tell that zit to calm down

Chemical Peels

Red Carpet Stimulator Peel $125

all the benefits with none of the downtime

Other Peels Based on your Skin Needs $125-$200

clear up, smooth out, even out your complexion

Jessners, Glycolic, Salicylic, Mandelic, Pyruvic

VI Peels $299

reduce acne, brighten and shed dull skin

intense chemical peel

Dermaplaning add on $45

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning $125

the best way to exfoliate

With Hydrojelly Mask $150


Anti-Aging, Brightening or Acne Facial $149

relax and treat your skin

Add on Accelerated Serum $75

take home product to accelerate results

Dermaplaning add on $45

add a Hydrojelly mask to for $20

Skin Care Analysis

Skin Care Analysis $100

let's make sure you're using the right products


Microneedling $350

smooth texture and generate your own collagen

packages available

Microneedling with PRF $650

Add on Exosomes for $200

HydraFacial® MD

cleanse, extract and hydrate the skin for a gratifying glow

Express Hydrafacial $199

the patented 3 step facial

Deluxe HydraFacial $250

the Signature + LED lights and added serums

Platinum HydraFacial $325

the Deluxe + lymphatic drainage, dermaplaning and Lip OR Eye Perk

add dermaplaning to any HydraFacial treatment for $45

add Hydrojelly mask to any HydraFacial treatment for $20

add Lip or Eye Perk to any HydraFacial treatment for $50

add both for $75

BBL® Laser Treatments

Broad Band Light is the most powerful IPL (intense pulse light) device on the market

Forever Young BBL $495

address sun spots/freckles, blood vessels and anti-aging

forever young packages available

Forever Clear BBL $195

address acne

forever clear packages available

Moxi Laser Treatments

a low downtime resurfacing laser treatment that helps tighten the skin and reverse the signs of aging (and more!)

Moxi $695

prevent & refresh, revitalize & maintains or transform & renew your skin

laser packages available

Add on Exosomes for $200

Book a BBL/Moxi for same day and save $200 off of your BBL

PRF Injections

use your own body's stem cells to help restore volume loss in the face (blood draw performed)

PRF Injections $500/session

tear trough, folds, natural/gradual volume



Not Sure What You Want/Need? Book a Consultation! 

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