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Why we call
our company XO

Aesthetics by definition is the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste. In the medical sense, aesthetics refers to the understanding of beauty treatments. Incorporating art with medicine in the world of aesthetics can help people feel more comfortable in their skin, giving results that increase confidence and self-love no matter their age.

Self-love, radiant glow

According to Urban Dictionary, XO means kiss and hug. While many people only see a kiss and hug with the letters X & O, we see more. We see passion. In our opinion, XO is a chance to be a little flirtatious and sassy, all while innocently sharing your love for life. It’s also a playful yet chic way to end a conversation. To us, it’s another way to say we want to share our love and light with the world. Our inner glow shines a little brighter with a little self-love!

Hence, the decision to name our company XO Aesthetics.

We aspire to help women (and men!) fall in love with their skin and find that inner Glow-Getter. (That busy, driven person who strives to achieve their goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out.) We wish to assist each person on their individual skin journey to understand that the best thing they could possibly wear is glowing skin. We call it building confidence. It might not be possible to slow down the hands of time but we sure can slow down how time affects our appearance.

We aim to share our knowledge in skincare, antiaging treatments and health. We strive to educate individuals on the benefits of caring for the largest organ we have. At each appointment, we intend to design the perfect skincare plan with emphasis how to love your skin. After each treatment, we wish to leave the ageless feeling of having a skin-kissed glow. Our goal is to help build confidence that shines so bright that the world can see that inner and outer beauty we all have. Above all, we desire to be a spirited teacher and provider in the philosophy of aesthetics and how natural looking enhancements can bring back the youthful glow into your skin.

Beauty unleashed

With the right treatment plan there is no longer a need to aspire to have great skin. Friends and family will admire and inquire about that XO Skin Glow.

Let us help reveal the most beautiful, confident version of you!

Where Beauty + Science come together.
The XO Skin Glow. It’s Beautiful Medicine.

Words we relate to

Courageous | Charming | Playful yet Chic | Passionate | Aspirational | Bold and Clever | Spirited | Culturally Curious

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