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Light Energy 
Laser Treatments

BBL® (or Broad Band Light) is the most powerful IPL (intense pulse light) device on the market. 

The light energy delivered by BBL will address sun spots/freckles, blood vessels/rosacea, acne and aging skin. 

If you are looking for any of the following, BBL might be right for you! 

  • smoother texture

  • more even skin tone

  • more resilient skin

  • fewer freckles

  • less age spots

  • less wrinkles

  • tighter looking skin

  • alternative acne solutions

XO Aesthetics has BBL® HERO- a one of a kind treatment!

It delivers results in a safer manner in half the time! 

High Energy Rapid Output

BBL has been studied at Stanford University and has histological evidence to reverse aging. 

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What Should I Expect with Laser Treatments?

Please arrive to your laser treatment with a fresh, clean face. Please do not arrive with makeup on. 


If you are getting a BBL laser treatment, ultrasound jelly will be applied to your face to safely deliver light energy into the skin. 

If you are getting a Moxi laser treatment, numbing cream will be applied to aid in the comfort of the treatment. 


BBL is a considered a no-downtime laser treatment. You may apply makeup and go back to your normal day. Your provider will inform you of any possible restrictions. Moxi does have minimal downtime of 7-10 days. You will have a slight sunburn appearance and sandpaper textured skin. Gentle and proper skincare will aid in healing.


Either procedure takes about 15-20 minutes. You must be dedicated to daily sunscreen use! Protect your investment. 

Post procedure skincare kits and sunscreens are available for purchase.


A series of laser treatments is always recommended to see the best results.


Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatments

Moxi is a low downtime resurfacing laser treatment that helps tighten the skin, address uneven pigmentation and reverse the signs of aging (and more). ​

If you are looking for the following, Moxi might be right for you!

  • smoother skin

  • tighter skin

  • brighter complexion

  • minimize pore size

  • decrease melasma

  • decrease fine lines and wrinkles

  • decrease acne scarring

The best part about a Moxi treatment? It's a quick "lunch time" laser treatment that is customized to your concerns. Your laser technician can help you balance your goals with your available downtime.




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